Installing Ubuntu Linux in a VM and introduction to the command-line.

A fast introduction into programming with C.

Just a super quick introduction into python programming.

We will have a look at what syscalls are and what it has to do with the kernel mode an user mode. We do this by exploring a kernel function and trace it down to the assembler level.

Video walkthrough the dirtyc0w privilege escalation exploit. Exploiting a Kernel race-condition.

We will learn how to daemonize a process and see how a server handles connections

Exploring exploit-exercises protostar final0 level, triggering a buffer overflow and analysing core dumps generated by a segfault signal.

Part 2: Before we can start with the hacks we have to setup a private server. I used this project to learn more about Docker myself and share my result so you can set it up easily.


These videos are in some way related to explain what Linux is and what the Kernel does.

These videos range from simple installation of a VM, to looking at Kernel source code and even Kernel exploits.