Reverse Engineering

Part 4: We start reverse engineering! Luckily the game comes with not-stripped binaries which means all the class names are included. We can use the debug information to dump class definitions with gdb. This will be incredible useful when we create our first hack next video!

Part 12: Killing the boss Magmarok in the Fire & Ice Dungeon with an integer overflow.

Part 15: We start reversing VerifyKey for the "Pirate's Treasure" challenge. This will take us several videos. In this first part we look at the input validation.

Part 16: We reverse engineer more of the VerifyKey function and find a custom Base32 encoding.

Part 17: This video might be a bit more boring reversing, and I even failed to recognise the implemented algorithm.

Part 18: We are looking at how RSA is implemented in assembler for arbitrary large integers. Specifically modular exponentiation.

Part 19: I implemented the KeyGen in JavaScript based on the algorithms we reversed from the assembler code. The used the dlc unlock code to solve the last challenge - Pirate's Treasure.

How a CPU works. An introduction to reading assembler instructions.

A very simple reversing challenge for Linux

Exploring and comparing some common tools and techniques for reversing binaries.

InfoSec clickbait title by BuzzSec!

Can programs be uncrackable? Let's try to find some anti-debugging tricks.

Learning how to reverse engineering programs written in C

In this video we will introduce how shared libraries like libc are used by C programs. Specifically we will look at the Global Offset Table and the Procedure Linkage Table.

Introducing the heap by looking at what malloc() does.

We will learn how to daemonize a process and see how a server handles connections

Part 1 is about understanding the algorithm with and gdb. Zwiebel is a reversing CTF challenge with encrypted self-modifying code.

Capturing the packets from my air conditioner remote to reverse engineer the protocol.

Using the Saleae Logic Pro 8 digital analyzer to reverse engineer the packets from my air conditioner remote.

Part 1: reverse engineering the functionality of the cookbook binary with IDA

BruCON CTF video write-up: Not all packets, Reverse Beer, Virtual Lockpick


Here is a collection of videos that cover different aspects of Reverse Engineering.

Some videos cover basics, others are walk-throughs of reverse engineering challenges from CTF competitions.