This is a place to learn about topics such as buffer/heap overflows, reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, debugging, fuzzing and generally hacking.

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Binary Hacking

Introducing basic memory corruption techniques such as buffer overflows, format strings and heap exploitation.
Many examples taken from: https://exploit-exercises.com/
This course is about:

  • Buffer Overflows
  • Heap Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Return Oriented Programming
  • ASLR/NX/...
  • ...

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CTF Recordings

Walkthroughs of several CTF challenges from different areas such as reverse engineering, crypto, web, exploitation and more.
Some videos are for beginners, others are more advanced. If you don't know what CTF is, watch this:
CTF introduction video.

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Web Security

An introduction course about web hacking as well as more advanced topics such as AngularJS Sanbox bypasses
This course covers:

  • Javascript Sandbox Bypass
  • HTTP Headers, Cookies
  • ...

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